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October 26, 2015

My gem

            I was wearing: | Skirt: Camel Jeans Vintage| Sneakers: Adidas Superstar II | Sweater: Cos | Necklace, ring: Mango
Photos by B.Z
Hi guys! Well, denim button down skirt took the fashion world by storm this season (actually, in last one too). In fact I do not like to follow trends, but I was super excited by this trend. You know why? Because I already had denim button-down skirt :) and it is 15 year old one. Yes, yes, 15. Originally this skirt was my older sister's one, then she gave it to my other sister and then she gave it to me. Sounds unreal yes? :) I used to wear it 7-8 years ago. And when I saw that buton down skirts a back I digged all my stuff and found it. That was the moment of truly happiness :) So this skirt is really gem! If you already bought such skirt do not give it away or throw. I can tell you, after 7-9 years later they will take the fashion world again.


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